after we spent some time with Saskia and her family we started our road trip.  The first stop: LAMBRECHT - this is where I grew up.  Its a tine town barely on the map.  Home Sweet Home! 


We stayed in a sweet little pension.  Its like a bed and breakfast attached to peoples homes

 Our bedroom..and midnight Snack?!
This is my first place of dwelling :)

 Here you can see the town.. it lays between 4 mountains.

 The church. Every town has a Church right in the middle.
 Wood factory and the old Castle. (with the flag on top)
 The soccer field! :)
 A street sign Gabe and I thought was HILARIOUSNESS!!! CAUTION FROGS!

 We spent my 26th Birthday there.  It was really neat!
Our dinner on my Birthday!

And of course Dessert!!!

 on the main street you drive along this wall.. it has a bunch of carved out spaces.. but one has stairs.. as a kid I was too scared to go up these.. my older sister and her friends would loose me here so I wouldn't be a tag a long :)
and guess what? It leads up to the Train Tracks... :)

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Tara D. said...

Okay, I have no idea when all of this was posted. As a matter of fact, I have not kept up with anyone in ages. I'm going through my list of blogger buds and came across yours. :-P I just had to say how neat all of these pictures are. What I would give to visit outside the country (anywhere but Mexico please). So beautiful!