Germany - NUESTADT

Stop two was NUESTADT! Its a small town next to my home town!

I went to this fountain as a kid.., LOTS of fun memories with my sister playing in the water in the summer.

 The fountain has all sorts of statues.. Gabe wasn't impressed. :)
 We sued to play in this playground as a kid and it always smelled like pee... 15 years later... same foul smell..
 Here we went to our first Christmas Market! Yum.. Kinderpunch!

 In the small towns I love all the old lamps and streets
 A resteraunt I used to go to as a kid.  Kochloeffel -> Cooking Spoon

The Castle inNuestadt :)

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Anonymous said...

It is Neustadt, not Nuestadt, but thats okay :)